Wednesday, October 28, 2020


#I Voted Early

Your Voice & Vote Matters. Don't hesitate to vote early when you can for sure know your ballot has been cast!This is an official Texas Website to check your Polling Location.

All you need are the items below to check the polling locations
your Texas Driver's License Number and Date of Birth. (TDL & DOB) or Name, county & DOB.
This is an official Texas Website so it will have all of the details needed to vote. The Polling Times and Location. If voting early be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and select Early Polling. You have until Friday 10/30 to vote. Closing time of the voting depends on the county. 
What do you need to vote in Texas??

 If you can vote early I highly recommend it as the overall stress and tension should subside a bit as you have truly done everything you can until election day! And if you are able to help volunteer and help bring others to the polls, DO IT!!! This election is one that will truly affect all of us for many years to come. 
Comment below if you have already voted or plan to vote!! 
til next time, Peace & Love


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