Monday, November 23, 2020

#Monday Mood

#Resilience, Consistency & Grit

Looking as determined as ever! This sums up my month! Keeping my eye on the prize and not being deterred from achieving success!! 


These are my power words for November. Today I am talking about grit for todays's #MondayMoodivation

"Just keep swimming, swimming, what do we do we swim." Dory- Finding Nemo

ohhhh grit baby

Finding my grit to get through so many tough conversations with clients and colleagues has definitely been the theme for this month. The crazy thing is I could feel this month starting off with a bang and a wave of expense and excitement and it has definitely not disappointed!! My grit goes hand and hand in holding firm to my self worth and values. Accepting who I am and truly standing in my truth is definetly a life-long journey and one that has been so fufilling and life affirming.  
This morning I was watching the Brene Brown Special on Netflix The Call to Courage. This documentary was soooo good!! It cracked me open and really made me think about how vulnerable I am in my day to day life as well as in my business. True vulnerability takes a great amount of courage!! Grit and vulnerabilty go hand in hand as the grit of continuing and shooting for my goals vulnerabilly without fear has a vibe of its own! 
til next time,  
Peace & Love,


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