Thursday, December 17, 2020


Training Thursday

Officially Have a New Training Partner💕

#TrainingThursday led to a Breakthrough

I have been having a time getting back in the groove of things with my work & workout schedule! 

But consistency is key and getting back on the horse is tough when I have been inactive for a bit! 

So I realizedI realize that if I use the lack of consistency as an excuse it causes some weird domino effect where I end up getting nothing done because I wasn't consistent and I can't create a streak if I miss the first day.  So by shifting my perspective on consistency and creating a point and reward system for myself this works WAYY better for my goal achievement! 

Y'all when I say this break through has alleviated so much of the work guilt I was feeling and has created a space for self acceptance and achievement, its crazy! Its all about finding a perspective that works for you and your work ethic!

I feel like I always have these breakthroughs on a run as I find so much clarity then when I'm inactive!

What about you? What's a recent breakthrough you've made in your business or personal life? 

Share below as your answer could help someone else who's struggling with the same issue!


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