Friday, September 24, 2021

Key Pieces to Transition Summer to Fall Effortlessly 2021 Edition

Key Pieces to Transition Summer to Fall Effortlessly

Hey y'all today on the blog I'm sharing several fashion pieces that are essential for your wardrobe as we navigate this summery fall season! 

#1 Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are my go to. I wear them over summer dresses and even pair with tall over the knew boots! 

Also paired with my blue jeans it's a great combo for a night out!!

I prefer differently textured and color jackets while a classic brown and black instantly warms up any outfit!

#2 Hats, Hats, Hats,

Wearing a fall hat in a neutral color is a perfect add-on to any summer outfit. 


#3 Cardigan

Adding a cardigan to a summer slip dress is perfect for fall! 

I have a couple of cute silky slim dresses that are going to be so easy to dress up for fall!

#4 Layered up!

Adding additional layers to summer styles can make a summer slip dress or top look more fall! 

#5 Blue Jean Jackets

Being a Texas Girl I love big blue jean jackets! They are what I usually search for immediately when I go thrfiting! The bigger the better lol!

FYI: This photo above takes me so far back to the beginning of my blogging journey! It's crazy because I started the blog 10 years ago as a part of a blogging assignment and it's absolutely incredible to think about the whole journey! I truly can't believe what a blessing this blog has been for me! To be able to pour out my heart and express myself creatively and authentically is all that I could ever ask for!


Thank you for checking out my post! 

COMMENT BELOW if you have another essential you like to add to your summer wardrobe to make it instantly πŸ fall!

Til next time, 


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