Friday, December 17, 2021

JCP FAVS December edition

Current JCP Favs

Hey y'all! Im so excited for todays post as I am sharing some of my favorite picks from JCPenneys. Personally JcPenneys has a big part of my heart as I worked at JCPenneys when I was in high school and in college. As I have always been a fan of high low fashion Penneys is know to have AMAZING essentials and some great trendy pieces! And y'all they definetly never disappoint!!
Y'all this set hands down is my favorite piece that I picked up! I have always been obsessed with the monochrome look but I was nervous to try the trend as I wasn't sure of the correct tone. And this set is my absolute fav as it really does highlight my skin tone.
This set is by the brand STYLUS and even comes in this gorgeous charcoal color. I just picked up the "heather grey" today because I really love the camel color.  For the pants and top click here.

2. Pull On Legging

Okay these leggings are so flattering and I consider them my essentials. They go so well with boots and with a dressy top! I wear them all season and they really flatter and hide and highlight in the perfect way!! MUST HAVE!! click here to shop these fabulous leggings!

3. Chic Chaqueta 

This is a new addition, hot off the press as I haven't even had a chance to take blogger photos for this jacket. But I can tell that this jacket is going to be a great addition to an all black outfit as its structure is so chic and understated but still a statement maker! This jacket comes in this beige and black color.

4. Chic Grey Dress

Buttons, extra long and flattering!! Need I say more? This dress is one of my favs and I even got it on sale. buttons on buttons buttons! To shop for this look click here!
And yes these boots are from ShoeDazzle, and I would buy them over and over again as they are the perfect touch of dazzle!! This dress I was able to snag on Clearance this is the link for the online version.

5. Long Sleeve Tees 

This is another essential that I buy every season as I just love the feeling of a soft new basic tee! I usually wear the 3/4 sleeve as the tops are the perfect weight, there are so many color choices and is perfect for layering. its currently on sale for less than $7!! Click here to view this essential top!
Thanks so much for stopping by and let me know what you think of these great buys from JCP!!


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