Welcome to my little corner of the internet called Brightly Soo...
Brightly Soo... is a Life & Style fashion blog that also highlights fitness and overall Motivation for the soul! I am a big believer in motivating people to achieve their dreams by being authentic! While Fashion is such a central part of the blog there are still doses of Fitness & Motivational Encouragement/Empowerment & Beauty Hacks for you!

I started the blog my freshman year of college as a writing project and I have had the blog since 2011.

Starting out I wanted to write about hot topics that were of importance to me and I still continue to do so today. My goal is to encourage people from all over the world to live their BEST life as fashionable and budget-friendly as they can!! Best believe I will be dishing about sales (my favorite word besides Frappe!

But again thank you so much for visiting my blog and allowing me to share my creativity and passion with you!

Peace && Love,

Karen Beatty-Martinez

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